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Of the making of books on prayer there seems to be no end. That fact probably reflects the need that almost of all of us feel for more help in this vitally important area of our Christian lives

The problem, in my experience, is that most books on prayer leave me feeling guilty. However this little book left me inspired and I warmly commend it. We recently read through it as a congregation, and the universal reaction was one of being greatly helped and blessed.

Alistair Begg takes Paul’s prayers in Ephesians 1 and 3 as his base, and draws out numerous practical lessons from them, wonderfully aided by frequent quotations from hymns and poems. He closes each chapter with a ‘model’ prayer.

For me, the key to Begg’s approach is his concern that our praying should reflect Paul’s prayer priorities. This memorable sentence sums up the burden of the book: ‘All that matters may be brought before God, but we must always bring before God those things that matter most’ (p.39). Our prayers are often taken up with the practical and material details of our everyday lives, whereas Paul had his eyes fixed on eternity and on spiritual matters.

You may have read many books on prayer, but I am confident that you will find this volume enormously enriching. I would encourage you to do what we did and read it as a congregation or group and share your responses.

The Good Book Company (1 May 2019) Review written in 2020