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This Day in HIS-story: May 26


HT: Stagger and Reel

Today, we celebrate the birth of Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf, born on May 26, 1700. A pivotal figure in the history of the Moravian Church, Zinzendorf’s life was marked by profound devotion to Christ and an unyielding passion for mission work. Known for his famous quote, “I have loved Him for a long time, but I have never actually done anything for Him. From now on I will do whatever He leads me to do,” Zinzendorf’s commitment was evident in his founding of the Renewed Moravian Church and the authoring of the Brotherly Agreement of 1727. His estate, Herrnhut, became a haven for religious refugees and a launching pad for worldwide missionary endeavors. He wrote approximately 2,000 hymns, greatly enriching Protestant hymnody.

Despite personal struggles, including the loss of his father shortly after birth and multiple exiles from Saxony, Zinzendorf’s influence extended far beyond his immediate community. He played a significant role in shaping John Wesley’s spiritual journey, which contributed to the Methodist movement, and established the town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, during a mission trip to the American colonies. His interactions with notable figures like John Wesley and his tireless missionary efforts left a lasting legacy. Zinzendorf’s dedication to spiritual unity and the spread of the Gospel continues to inspire and impact the world today.


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