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Making the Most of the Cross

Like all good evangelists John Chapman has a knack for making complex and profound truths sound simple and for exuding a real warmth as he communicates the message. Now aged 80, and having “lost a couple of specialists” along the way, Chapman is still going strong and still burdened to explain the centrality of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the touchstone of true faith; in his words, “The event in human history.”

In the first part of the book, Chapman looks at the significance and benefits of the death of Christ and in the second part he considers the implications of the resurrection. Part 3 looks at the death and resurrection of Christ as a pattern for all future judgement and of the Christian experience.

Each short chapter is only about 4-5 pages long, is based on an appropriate Scriptural text which is printed in full, and closes with a short suggested prayer. This lends itself to being a useful devotional book to be read thoughtfully, a chapter at a time, or even as an evangelistic tool to be given to a serious enquirer who is prepared to read a straightfoward explanation of the heart of the Gospel.

As you would expect from this author, this is a faithful explanation and application of biblical truth and highly commended as such.

For the purpose of review, I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher. I was under no obligation to write a positive review.

Review written in 2012


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