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Next to the Saviour himself, no one person in the Scriptures fascinates me as much as the Apostle Paul.

Though reviled and hated by the world, and even by many within the church who view him as heartless and misogynistic, Paul is surely one of the most remarkable characters in the Bible, and the more I read him and read of him the more I am drawn to him.

Indeed, as the great 19th century Scottish preacher, Alexander Whyte, wrote, “After Jesus of Nazareth, Saul of Tarsus is God’s greatest gift to the church and to the world.” (Saul Called Paul     London: Oliphants, 1955 p11)

These notes are not, in any way, an examination of his theology or teaching.  It is purely the result of work done for my own benefit and for my students in which I have tried to put together a chronology of his life and travels.

Saul or Paul



Early Ministry                                                 

First Missionary Journey                                                    

The Judaisers                                                 

Second Missionary Journey                         

Third Missionary Journey

The Prisoner

Freedom and Death