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What is the problem with preachers today?

A couple of months ago I wrote An open letter to the leadership of churches training men for pastoral ministry which is also being published in Evangelical Times next month. I raised my concern about the unrealistic preparation that many young preachers are getting and the lack of passion for preaching itself.

I have been heartened by the response I have had – all of which has been very supportive and in agreement. One of them said that he himself had turned down the offer of a post in a large church with several pastors because he was “looking for a position with more preaching”. However, this came with a clear rebuff from the church leaders who said, “no man should leave seminary wanting to preach”!

I find that truly astonishing and profoundly alarming. My response would be, no man should leave seminary, preparing for ministry, who doesn’t want to preach! Where is the passion? Where is the fire burning in the belly? Where is the compulsion to expound the Scriptures and feed the flock?

God have mercy on us when we are apparently training men for ministry and commending them for not particularly wanting to preach.


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