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Enjoying the Word!

As a follow-up to my two posts about reading through the Bible in a year and doing a more in-depth study of a Bible book, I was planning on doing something on ‘how to study the Bible for yourself’ when I learned that Peter Mead has just begun a series of blogs on that precise subject. I am a great believer in not reinventing someone else’s wheel and know for sure that Peter will handle this subject immensely helpfully.

Here’s what he says about his new series:
“Enjoying the Word will be a growing collection of videos that will hopefully help people to enjoy reading and studying the Bible.  The first part of the sermon preparation process is the privilege of every believer – to spend time in God’s Word so that it gets into us and changes us.

“The plan is to release short videos related to Bible reading and Bible study.  I will share a simple process to think through the Bible study journey.  I plan to release more mini-series called Pursuing God’s Heart Yourself. These short series use a single Bible book or section to illustrate important principles of biblical interpretation.  And I may work through a Bible book or two from start to finish to show the workings of healthy Bible study. 

“I hope this will be helpful to you and to others you know.  Please do let me know if you have questions or ideas for videos.  And please share the resources with others too!  As videos are liked and shared, and as more people subscribe to the channel, so these videos will get in front of more people. (You can click here to subscribe to the YouTube channel.)

“I am also planning to write companion posts on this blog to point to individual videos or mini-series of videos.  The subjects we will cover in the videos perfectly fit this blog, so why not?”

I would encourage you to visit Peter’s blog for the first in this series and I am sure that you will benefit greatly.

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  1. Thanks John – that’s very kind of you. Please let me know if you do anything on this subject, because I’m sure we are better off with more wheels sometimes!

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