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Baruch Maoz

I recently had the joy and privilege of some communication with Baruch Maoz whose ministry I have known of and appreciated for many years.

Baruch, an Israeli, was converted to Christ while serving in the Israeli Army, worked with Christian Witness to Israel and pastored Grace and Truth Christian Congregation in Israel from its founding in 1976 until the age of retirement at the end of 2008. He has written numerous books and articles and is now based in the States and serves as Pastor at large at Reformed Baptist Network.

I contacted this dear brother because I was keen to interview him for my Preachers on Preaching series, and he has kindly agreed to be interviewed in the coming weeks. But I was also struck by some posts he has made on his social media pages, giving insights into the Israel – Gaza conflict, among other things, and addressing issues that the western anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian media choose to ignore. With his permission, I am linking to the latest fascinating and informative articles and will link to new articles as they appear.

Baruch’s website is here and his FaceBook page here.

The two articles that I strongly commend to you can be found here and here


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